Territory Wars

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Territory Wars

Capturing Territories

  • All Territory Wars features occur on Realm 8 (including all NPCs for rewards)
  • At 18:00, a Proof of Dominance will spawn in a special location in each zone on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. In this location, all players can engage in PvP regardless of level, and there are no penalties for PK.
    • Gaap Lands; -440 360
    • Gallio; 169 -186
    • Ziminian; -324 -290
  • The rules for claiming the Proof of Dominance are as follows:
    • Only one character can claim the Proof of Dominance at a time
    • The player must be in an alliance
    • If the territory is currently occupied, the occupying alliance cannot claim the Central Ore
    • 30 seconds are required to claim the Proof of Dominance
    • Players stop claiming the Proof of Dominance if they are attacked
  • When a player claims the Proof of Dominance, the player’s alliance is now in possession of the Territory. However, this alliance must keep possession for 10 consecutive minutes in order to become the Territory’s new owner. Other alliances can capture the Proof of Dominance during this 10 minute window. The countdown then restarts at 10 minutes for the new alliance.
  • At 20:00, the Proof of Dominance will disappear (if an alliance had not already held it for 10 minutes and captured it). One of two scenarios will result:
    • 1. If an alliance is in possession of the Proof of Dominance, that alliance will be the new Territory Owner. This occurs even if the alliance was in possession of the Proof of Dominance for less than 10 minutes before the Proof of Dominance closed.
    • 2. If no alliances are in possession of the Proof of Dominance, the territory will remain unoccupied

Recapturing/Holding Territories

  • Once a territory is occupied, the owning alliance will have 100% control of the territory for four hours (called degree of occupation). After four hours, the degree of occupation can be reduced. If the degree of occupation reaches 0, the Proof of Dominance will appear (even if it’s before the normal spawn time of 18:00). Other alliances can now attempt to take control of the Central Ore, and the normal rules apply as described above.

The control percentage can be decreased or increased by the following conditions:

  • Decreased
    • Players of opposing alliances can do quests in the occupied territory. Quests are received from the Global Agent in the occupied territory.
  • Increased
    • The controlling alliance leader can donate gold at the Local Agent in the occupied territory

Benefits of Owning a Territory

  • Special mount for the alliance leader: Golden Eye Kirin. If the occupying alliance succeeds in holding their occupied territory for a consecutive 24 hours, the leader of the alliance can get a Golden Eye Kirin from the Local Agent in the territory. Golden Eye Kirin costs the leader 5000 gold to buy.
  • Mount for members in owning alliance: Golden Wolfmane. If the occupying alliance succeeds in holding their occupied territory for a consecutive 24 hours, each of its members can get a Golden Wolfmane from the Local Agent in the territory. The Golden Wolfmane is a 5.0 m/s speed mount and is not combat enabled and is bound item lasting 30days. 48 hours later, the members can spend 2,000 Personal Fund to buy Wolfmane Soul to level up the mount to the Electro Wolfmane, which is a 5.0 m/s mount that has combat enabled; 120 hours later, the members can spend 4,000 Personal Fund to buy Wolfmane Spirit to level up the mount to the Flame Wolfmane, which is a 5.5 m/s mount that is combat enabled.
  • Territory Fund rewards: The occupying alliance leader can exchange territory funds to buy EXP pills or Personal Fund scrolls at the Local Agent. The leader can distribute these items to alliance members.
    • EXP Pills grant 1,000,000 EXP but cost 10000 Territory Funds to purchase 1.
    • Alliance Check scrolls grant 100 Personal Fund but cost 10000 Territory Funds to purchase 1.
  • Personal Fund rewards: Each member of the occupying alliance can use Personal Fund to buy various items such as pet traps, A Pet’s Esteem, and Spirit pills from the Local Agent. They also can use the Personal Fund to buy the items used to level up the Golden Wolfmane mount.
  • Each member of owning alliance can get free EXP from the Local Agent at 7:30~8:00, 11:30~12:00, 15:30~16:00, 19:30~20:00, 23:30~0:00, 3:30~4:00 each day. All you have to do is talk to the NPC and accept the quest.
  • Each member of owning alliance has a chance to get a Pasture Passport each day. With the passport, you can go into the pasture where you can kill monsters to gain EXP and Spirit. The leader can get 20 tradable Pasture Passports every day. The leader can distribute the passports to the bravest warriors in the alliance. If opening the adventure before 12:00, there is a chance that the instance will spawn a Flood Dragon boss. The reward of killing the boss differs according to the time you used to kill it. The faster you kill the boss, the higher the reward.
  • Leader of owning alliance can spawn the mystic merchant at a cost of 10000 Territory Funds. The mystic merchant is where alliance members purchase great items.
  • Leader of the occupying alliance can initiate the event Call of the Dominator once per day. All gamers can join the event at the zone’s Territory Event Agent. The event provides plentiful rewards and will enrich the territory fund.
  • All members of the occupying alliance have their alliance title altered to denote that you occupy the zone.
  • All areas within the occupied zone state that the alliance owns the zone.

Personal Fund

Personal Fund is received by doing a quest from the clan director. With it, you can spend it on various goodies if your clan holds a territory. It also does not reset to 0 upon leaving a clan. In order to spend personal fund, tribute to the clan is needed. To get tribute, you will have to donate soulstones, which can be made by forging equipment with empty soulstones (bought by any blacksmith). The tribute can then be permanetly traded for Starstreak Stones without loss of tribute. The amount of needed soulstones for each starstreak level is seen below.

  • Alliance Rookies______1,000 Soulstones_________StarStreak Stone lvl 8
  • Alliance Tower _______5,000 Soulstones________ StarStreak Stone lvl 7
  • Alliance Elite_________10,000 Soulstones_______ StarStreak Stone lvl 6
  • Alliance Example _____20,000 Soulstones_______ StarStreak Stone lvl 5
  • Alliance Patriarch_____50,000 Soulstones________StarStreak Stone lvl 4
  • Alliance Core________ 100,000 Soulstones_______StarStreak Stone lvl 3
  • Alliance Legend______ 500,000 Soulstones_______StarStreak Stone lvl 2
  • Alliance Myth________1,000,000 Soulstones______StarStreak Stone lvl 1

When the mystical merchent is spawned by an alliance, you are able to use starstreak stone and personal fund to buy goods for your pet.


You can also buy goods to improve the fusion element of your pet.


You can also increase your gear potential by using these stones from the mystic merchent, too






Pet Available from Territory War

  • Gaap Land - Florax Pets
    • Sproutling
    • Moldy Stump
    • Bamboorax Dancer
    • Crimleaf Elder
    • Minimaim Maiden
    • Dawnsbreak Guardian
    • Redchuckle Speartot
  • Gallio Region - Haunten Pets
    • Foghorn Rooster
    • Bonespear Bandit
    • Rogueknight Shade
    • Fallen Stonecaver
    • Cerebian Hound
    • Fluffian
    • Felmoon Guardian
    • Flood Dragon
  • Ziminain Domain - Vena Pets
    • Pincelot Crawler
    • Hermit Crab
    • Glowtail Scorpion
    • Heaven Serpent
    • Toadsy Crimsonskin
    • Sharpshooter Swinehog
    • Whitemont Guardian
    • Nether Lutist

Terrirtory War Locations

Gaap Land


Gallio Region


Dizzet Region


Proof of Domination Appearance