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Simple Rogue Basics

The most important thing to remember about the Rogue is that every skill, with the exception of “Misty Fist,” is Oora Affinity Element based. What that means is that any Rogue that chooses not to invest affinity points into the Oora Affinity Element is going to be an epic failure. So now that we know what our main affinity element is going to be, we must choose a “secondary” affinity element. There are a total of five affinity elements; which means we have four elements to choose from. Each element has its usefulness. It’s ultimately up to you to decide which “secondary” element you want to choose.

To help you decide which “secondary” affinity element to choose, I have included a list of the five affinity elements, as well as a short description of how each one enhances your character.

Oora Affinity: +3 STR Slightly increases chance to Critcast.

Unda Affinity: +20 HP Increase health regeneration rate while not in combat.

Widu Affinity: +1 INT / +1 RES Increases 1 Resilience (Dodge) for every five affinity points. Slightly increases Critstrike Bonus damage.

Pyra Affinity: +3 INT Slightly increases chance of Critstrike.

Erda Affinity: +1 DEF / +1 STR Increases 1 Accuracy for every five affinity points. Slightly increases Critcast Bonus damage.

Before you go all goo-goo gah-gah telling yourself “I want this” or “I want that,” let’s take a brief moment to comprehend what we just read.

Using the Oora Affinity as our Main Affinity Element

First thing first, we already know that we are using Oora Affinity as our top priority. (Yes, I keep repeating myself when it comes to the Oora Affinity. You have no idea how many people don’t bother to listen to what Oora Affinity truly means to the Rogue class. So get it through your head, Oora Affinity, Oora Affinity, Oora Affinity!) But why is the Oora Affinity our top priority? Well, as you can plainly see, the Oora Affinity increases our chance to Critcast. What is a Critcast?

>> Critcast = critical hit when using a magical attack >> Critstrike = critical hit when using a physical attack

Now, since all but one of our attacks are of the Oora Affinity element, we make out like a bandit. Hehe.. bandit, get it? Bandit, a form of a rogue. I know, I know, my jokes are corny. Anyways, what more can you ask for in terms of a priority affinity element? Both, an increase in skill damage and an increase chance to critical when using any of those skills.

Ok, so I think I drilled enough reasoning into your heads as to why the Oora Affinity is a must for any Rogue class player. So let’s begin analyzing the other four affinities and figure out which one works best for you.

Using the Unda Affinity as a “Secondary” Element

The Unda Affinity adds some hp to your life bar and increases the rate at which it regenerates. This sounds promising, however, think back to why you wanted to build a Rogue in the first place. Like most other Rogue players, your initial thought was to sneak around like a ninja. Why else would you be intrigued by a class that can go invisible?

Wait, what? You didn’t know that the Rogue can become invisible? Oh, my poor child, you have a lot to experience yet. Anyways, back to the usefulness of the Unda Affinity. Personally, I can’t justify an increase in health to be very effective for a build that typically relies on his or her speed and/or ability to dodge incoming attacks. Before we go and rule anything out, let’s take a look at the last three affinities we have to choose from.

Using the Widu Affinity as a “Secondary” Element

The Widu Affinity tends to be one of the more popular “secondary” affinity element choices available. The typical Rogue strikes me, as well as many others, as an agile fighter such as a ninja. As we stated above, the agile fighter typically relies on his or her abilities to dodge incoming attacks. The Widu Affinity allows any skilled Rogue to do just that.

The only down fall to the Widu Affinity is that it requires five affinity points to achieve that extra point into your dodge. On the flip side however, The Widu Affinity element does provide you with an extra point into intelligence as well as an extra point into your resistances for every affinity point added. So all-in-all, The Widu Affinity allows you to achieve a slightly higher skill damage output (thanks to the extra point into intelligence) and a much greater resistance then other characters.

So, the increase in resistance and ability to dodge is absolutely fantastic in my opinion. In fact, most players in PvP attack with mostly magical skills so the increase in resistance is very important, but I still question whether or not that extra point of intelligence is worth it or not. What good is extra damage if you don’t have the accuracy to hit your target? Sure, I guess since your opponent probably won’t be able to hit you (because of your higher dodge), you could always just stand there swinging your daggers hoping you connect to deal slightly more damage, but where’s the fun in that?

Don’t let any of my negativity discourage you from trying the Widu Affinity as a “secondary” affinity element. The Widu Affinity is one of the most popular Rogue builds out there. If you’re worried about your accuracy, get yourself a transformation card with an increase in accuracy or something. If the Widu Affinity element doesn’t sound like the “secondary” affinity element you are looking for, it’s all good. There are still two more affinity elements to look at.

Widu Affinity is the easiest way to raise your resilience (dodge). So far, there isn't a transformation card, an item, or anything you can imbue to raise resilience. The only known way to raise your Resilience (dodge) is if your lucky enough to capture a pet with + Resilience to fuse with; such as the Cloudwisks, or so I am told. Everything else, like defense for example, can be increased in multiple ways. Long-story-short, The Widu Affinity element is the easiest and most common choice you have when it comes to raising your dodge.

Using the Pyra Affinity as a “Secondary” Element

If you choose to go down the Pyra Affinity path, you will notice that you are building the “power house” of the Rogue. The Pyra Affinity is also one of the most popular “secondary” affinity element choices. With the extra three points in intelligence you receive from every point added to the Pyra Affinity element, your damage becomes virtually unmatchable. If you are seeking a PKing type Rogue, you just found it.

The one huge drawback to the Pyra Affinity element however, is that you are giving up every protective option you have. But then again, what do you need protection for when you can one-hit-kill almost anything? Oh I know… you need some kind of protection for when you miss your target!

Whoops… I’m sorry. Did I forget to mention that the Pyra Affinity element doesn’t increase accuracy at the slightest bit? Oh but don’t worry, you are attacking everything via magical attacks. Sorry to burst your bubble there friend, but I think I forgot to mention yet another piece of valuable information. Magical attacks are affected by your accuracy and/or your opponents dodge rating. Too bad, just when you thought you had it all figured out. But hey, you could still utilize a transformation card with an increase to accuracy. But even then, do you feel you can kill your target before they can beat your defenseless body to a bloody pulp? I hope so, that’s what PKing is all about!

"An issue with Oora/Pyra build is when your INT goes beyond 1500, the 150 INT from 50 Pyra becomes less significant." - Maou99

So seems that at higher levels, the intelligence bonuses you receive from your gear and/or items are far more beneficial than that from the pyra affinity. Therefore, adding to an affinity element other then Pyra may be more useful in the long run.

Using the Erda Affinity as a “Secondary” Element

Last but certainly not least, using the Erda Affinity as a “secondary” affinity element is yet another one of the most popular element choices. The Erda Affinity increases your defense and strength by one for every point added to it. An increase in strength may not prove to be a valuable asset considering the Rogue has only one physical attacking skill in his or her line-up, but the extra defense per Erda Affinity point is more than worth it in my opinion.

The way I see it is that there are two forms of protection. Dodging and defending. Where dodging your opponents attacks may prove to be more valuable due to the fact that you take no damage once so ever, an increase in defense results in taking only a minimal amount of damage. See, you have your choice. One dodge for every five points into Widu Affinity, or one defense for every one point into Erda Affinity?

Now, you have to remember to weigh that with the other variable in the equation. The Erda Affinity element also adds one accuracy for every five Erda Affinity points. What this basically tells me is that even though a Widu Affinity user gains more of an ability to dodge, the Erda Affinity user gains the same ratio of accuracy. So if it came down to a Widu Affinity user vs. an Erda Affinity user, it would be as if the Widu Affinity and the Erda Affinity were never increased because they would cancel each other out.

So in turn, the extra defense from the Erda Affinity proves to be more valuable to me when fighting an enemy with an increase in dodge. And again, that’s just my personal opinion. Now, don’t think that’s the only benefit when choosing the Erda Affinity as a “secondary” affinity element. Keep in mind that the Erda Affinity also increases your Critcast damage slightly. Mix that in with the initial increased chance of Critcast bonus that we receive from our primary Oora Affinity element, and we get the damage increase we need.

All-in-all, every build choice has its advantages and/or disadvantages. It’s up to you to decide which advantage and/or disadvantage you are capable of dealing with and how you want to deal with it. Ultimately, each build can and will prove to be successful depending on your own personal play style. If none of the above builds tickle your fancy, try creating a hybrid, a build specifically designed for you and only you.

Affinity Points

Every five levels you gain a total of 5 AP (Affinity Points) to distribute throughout your Affinity Elements. Your Affinity Element values cap out at your level divided by 2 rounded up. So if you are level 5, you divide 5 by 2. Which equals 2.5 and round that up to 3. Therefore, at level 5, the most AP you can have in any Affinity Element is 3.

@ level 05: Max Affinity Element = 03 (5 divided by 2 = 2.5 rounded up) @ level 10: Max Affinity Element = 05 (10 divided by 2 = 5) @ level 15: Max Affinity Element = 08 (15 divided by 2 = 7.5 rounded up) @ level 20: Max Affinity Element = 10 (20 divided by 2 = 10) etc. etc.

Unless you choose to go with a hybrid (more than two elements), your Affinity Elements will end up increasing by a 1:1 ratio. (50/50)

Here is what your Affinity Element Values should look like as you progress:

Level Primary Affinity Element Secondary Affinity Element
5 3 2
10 5 5
15 8 7
20 10 10
25 13 12
30 15 15
35 18 17
40 20 20
45 23 22
50 25 25
55 28 27
60 30 30
65 33 32
70 35 35
75 38 37
80 40 40
85 43 42
90 45 45

Choosing a Birthday for your Rogue

Ok, so let’s move on. By now, you should have a basic idea as to which “secondary” affinity element you should be using to fit your own play style, all you need to do is create a character to your liking. Go ahead and design him or her however you wish but when you get to picking a birthday, choose wisely because you only get to choose once.

Race Shenzu
Birthday 01/03
Birthday Skills #30, #14, #73
  • Golden Age (30) - Increase Oora Affinity skill damage by 1%. (passive)
  • Albino Bengal (14) - Oora affinity increased by 10, lasts 20 seconds.
  • Blow Up (73) - Set a mine, AoE stun, up to 10 enemies within 5 yards, lasts 3 seconds.

This is my birthday set-up. Use it if you wish. This birthday line-up is the only line-up that allows you to obtain both skills #30 and #14. Both of which increase your Oora Affinity skill damage. As for the last skill, it sounds as if it will prove to be very effective in the PvP world. In fact, I think a skill that allows you to set traps for your enemies is right up the Rogue's ally. It almost makes me wonder if the creators of ‘Ether Saga Online’ deliberately added this skill line-up for the Rogue class.

Race Yaoh
Birthday 02/21
Birthday Skills #22, #10, #80
  • Dirty Trick (22) - Increase critcast by 10%, lasts 10 seconds or until success.
  • Retribution (10) - Stuns target, lasts 3 seconds
  • Unbroken Circle (80) - AoE buff, up to 10 allies, intelligence +50%, lasts 10 seconds.

This might be an interesting birthday line-up for the damage dealer Rogues. Stun your target, increase your intelligence to some godly damage, and imagine if you critcast at the same time!

Race Yaoh
Birthday 05/15
Birthday Skills #15, #30, #42
  • Emerald Dragon (15) - Widu affinity increased by 10, lasts 20 seconds.
  • Golden Age (30) - Increase Oora Affinity skill damage by 1%. (passive)
  • Avalanche (42) - AoE Freeze, up to 10 enemies within 5 yards, lasts 6 seconds.

This is only useful for Widu Affinitty builds as it would give you some extra doge. Also, the Avalanche skill seems useful in PvP as it would help stop you getting ganked, and help you get out of truble fast. The 1% to Oora is obvious how it's useful. Thank you Reavin for this birthday skill line-up.

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