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Type of Quests

  • Note: If you do not know what quest to do, Push the Q button on your keyboard to open up quest log, Click on Available Quests (located on bottom right). There should be a list of available quests to take. New players should click on Training quests. Click on the NPC nane in green to autoroute to the NPC to start it.

Daily Quest

Daily Quest (complete list)

  • They are the quest that gives the most experiences points.
  • They are easy and fast to complete.
  • They are available everyday.
  • Most are available anytime.
  • A must for a huge majority of players.

Training Quests

Training Quests are the quests that train the mind and soul. An adventurer will endure many trials before them on the fundamentals as NPCs send them around the world to complete dozen of tasks for them. These quests often reward a player with a massive amount of experience and rewards like no other. They also teach the basics of gameplay, through obtaining items, gathering materials and killing mobs. These quests will train you and your character and change you into a more experienced player.

  • Teach Fundamentals
  • Obtain Basic Knowledge
  • Excellent Exp. Growth
  • Sometime Give Reputation
  • Give Gems
  • May give essential goodies for travel

NOTE: If you are a returning player (who have not played for 30 days or more) who's level is 1-45, you will receive a quest that says 'Welcome Back to ESO.' This quest gives 12 million exp, which will bump you into higher levels rather quickly. You will also get a Trial Sphere, which will make you kill 1,000 monsters, which will level you up to level 60. Neither quests will give any spirit, however, leaving you on your own to level up skills. Please make sure you are ready to go into these levels before turning in the quest, as you may not get the chance of receiving ethyr skills dropped by monsters of said levels, and risk getting lost in the game due to the high jump of levels.

Basic Quests

Basic Quests are offered by many NPCs to the players as a means to complete a simple task. They are nothing too hard or too simple. They often have a small experience point reward and require a straightforward quest schedule. These quests are often acquired and done for titles, as well as for a small and easy boost in experience to level. These quests are recommended to be done until you have a good understanding of the game, and can move onto the more enduring and tough quests. These quests can also give monster bond for transformation. They are easily identified by the color of grey.

  • Simple level Quests
  • Basic Quest Knowledge
  • Obtain Small Exp. Growth
  • Obtain monster bond

Heroic Quests

Heroic Quests call players to duty, with the quest in need of a hero. These quests often reward a user with a bit more experience points than the basic quests. With these players can complete often difficult quests to obtain a higher status in the lands around them. These can be found on the Bulletin board in the current city of your quests. These don't come by often, however when they do appear, it is encouraged that you complete them. They are identified by the color green.

  • Intermediate Level Quests
  • Rare Occurrence
  • Obtains Moderate Exp. Growth

Epic Quest

Epic Quests are on a level of there own, similar to the heroic quests in how they are obtained via bulletin board. These quests require an adventurer to go above and beyond, to be more than a simple hero and adventurer. To take on the quest and complete it with all their might and skill. An Epic Quest will often reward a user with a lovely amount of experience points and offer other small rewards and fame to the player. They are identified by the color of gold.

  • Intermediate Level Quests
  • More Appealing
  • Obtains Moderate Exp. Growth

Transcendent Quests

Transcendent Quests ask the players to leave there previous ties behind them and go above what they were before to complete the quest at hand. These quests often reward a large amount of experience points to the players that complete them as well as assorted bonds to the type of creatures associated to the quest. You will transcend your normal human bonds and grow with the other creatures of the earth. They are identified by the color purple.

  • Intermediate Level Quests
  • Obtain Creature Bond Growth
  • Obtains Moderate Exp. Growth

Fate Quests

Fate Quests: Just leave it to fate, some would say. Though you control your own fate and destiny. These quests let you take life head on and conquer the matters at hand that often would be left up to fate to decide. Adventurers will often go up against tough odds and strive to come out victorious

  • Intermediate Level Quests
  • Obtain Creature Bond Growth (high level only)
  • Obtains Moderate Exp. Growth

Eythr Quests

Ethyr Quests These quests come and go, however when they do come they have rewards to reap and sew. These quests put your character to the test, often making them complete a difficult series of tasks to achieve an ethyr for your character. These eythrs can be used to attack or support your character in the future. These quests are very valuable to the keen player, completing them is a must

  • Intermediate Level Quests
  • Obtain Class Eythr
  • Obtains Moderate Exp. Growth
  • Obtain Spirit/Valor

Adventure Quests

Adventure Quests are a calling to all adventurers. These quests often involve the dungeons you can access from Chauncy. More than often these quests are perilous, having dangerous objectives and near impossible tasks. However if you are able to conquer the quest and come out strong you can receive a massive amount of experience points, as well as whatever drops the dungeons offer to the unhindered explorer.

  • Hard Level Quests
  • Difficult Fights
  • Obtains Large Exp. Growth

Diplomatic Quests

Diplomatic Quests are another type of quests for adventurers to take a stab at. These quests mostly come up in three styles. The first is gathering a specific diplomatic item. This can be difficult for finding the right one quickly proves to be hard. The other styles ares being sent to speak to NPC's and traveling across the lands for the Crowen. Although often no experience is awarded, the treasure reward speaks for itself, as well as another rare treat.

  • Hard Level Quests
  • Rare Pet can be Obtained
  • Obtains Various Treasure Growth
  • Can earn gold upon completion

Romance Quests

Romance Quests let the passion within you be released through the power of love. These quests often require you to be partnered with a member of the opposite gender to complete. These quests will prove your love with one another as you trade stars and moon amulets, defend a flower of love from vipers, and so much more. You can even get married to the person of your dreams. These quests often have a happily ever after ending.

  • Easy Level Quests
  • Gold can be obtained
  • Marriage can be obtained.

To complete the marriage quest, a person must buy a marriage package from the Heaven Repository for 30 E-bucks. This quest needs two, a male and female package, for the couple to get married. A married couple gains the titles of sunshine and moonbeam with the spouse's name. For example, the husband would be called "WDTINALW's Sunshine" and the wife "XuJieJun's Moonbeam".

Storage Quests

Storage Quests help the packed adventurer out in their time of need. An adventurer will have to obtain a Log of Growth, Red Barn Yarn, or another heaven repository item to complete the quest given by the stashkeeper. By completing these quests you can expand your bag, stash and even acquire a mystery bag that's full of surprises.

  • Moderate Level Quests
  • Stash/Bag/ Size Increase
  • Diplomatic Items Storage Increased (Mystery Pouch)

Fun Quests

Fun Quests are exactly what they say, fun! These quests are often quite easy to complete if you know your facts about the world around you. You can often get fun quests through which you can obtain a title for your character by speaking to certain members of society. Don't worry if you fail the quest, for you can try again and get the answers right. After all coming out with a wicked name might be worth more than experience when you're strolling around.

Clan Quests

Clan Quests are quests you can do to help your clan be well known, but this all depends on how much each person donates by doing quests such as the clan donation quest. In the clan donationquest, you can buy soulstones from the trading realm or recieve them from monsters. How much you donates influences where you stand in your clan.

Trial Quests

Trial quests are colored in red. As the name implies, they are very challenging. They often involve killing a particular boss, visiting a far off NPC, or collecting certain resources. Completing them can yield a fair amount of experience and treasure. Such quests can be obtained from a few NPC's and Sacred Books.

They will start to appear when the player character reaches the Ole region.

Trial Quests

Alliance Quests

Alliance quests require you to be in a clan that has an alliance. When done, this quest adds to the tribute you do to your alliance.