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Mavens are the magic counterpart of the Mogui race. They follow many rules that the other mages follow, including the squishy wizard role. What separates them from other mages however is their first skill, void fist, does INT based damage rather than physical damage. This makes them very strong when beginning the game. They are also the class with the most offensive AoE skill potential than other classes, giving them a role of crowd control in a party. However, don't just go for the AoE potential, as Mavens also have many debuffs that can bleed out their enemy or prevent them from casting skills. In order to cast powerful skills, Mavens use various parasites they create, which is used for damage improvement, debuffing enemies, or for supporting other Mavens/players. This is a great class to choose for a beginner.

Their spells consist of Flora (Widu) and Pyros (Pyra) skills.


-Self Support skills

-High Damage

-Loaded with AoEs

-Loaded with DoTs


-It floats (when holding class weapon)

-Moderate leveling speed

Subclasses: Seraph and Magus

Affinities: Pyros and Flora



Pyros and Flora:

- Good for a lot of dungeons, especially the Obscurity

- Resistance against Ferus and Terra classes (Rogue and Dragoon)

This is the only build avialable for this class as this class utilizes 2 affinities for its skills

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