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Introduction To Cooking

Cooking is the vocation used to make MP Potions, as well as many other useful ones. It's very similar to Herbalism, though with that one you make HP potions instead. This vocation is perfect for people that just use a lot of skills and too many potions. The second vocation you will want to choose to go with Cooking is Foraging. Why? Well because you will need it to be able to gather the materials needed to craft potions. You can learn this vocation from Bolo - Craftsman in Pokari City. He's near the east gate. It costs 50 bronze to learn, though you may also forget this vocation whenever you like by using the craft menu. (See "Forgetting a Vocation") You can also view your current exp and recipes for the vocations you have using this menu.


Lv1 Obtained by getting the Vocation from Bolo - Craftsman.
Lv2 Requires 150 exp.
Lv3 Requires 2750 exp.
Lv4 Requires 14750 exp.
Lv5 Requires 57750 exp.
Lv6 Requires 188759 exp.
Lv7 Requires 567759 exp.

To gain exp for leveling the vocation, you can craft a bunch of items or do the Cooking quests from Bolo.

Bolo's Recipes

As mentioned before you can purchase some, but not all, of the recipes needed to craft at Bolo - Craftsman.

Small Mana Potion Recipe: Requires Lvl 1 Cooking and costs 2 Silver. Has a chance to produce Small Mana Potion or Potion of Longevity.

Medium Mana Potion Recipe: Requires Lvl 2 Cooking and costs 3 Silver. Has a chance to produce Medium Mana Potion or Wellspring Potion.

Large Mana Potion Recipe: Requires Lvl 3 Cooking and costs 4 Silver. Has a chance to craft Large Mana Potion or Celestial Potion.

Wisdom Powder Recipe: Requires Lvl 2 Cooking and costs 5 Silver. Produces Wisdom Powder.

Wine of Tenacity Recipe: Requires Lvl 2 Cooking and costs 5 Silver. Produces Wine of Tenacity.

Potion of Wind Recipe: Requires Lvl 2 Cooking and costs 5 Silver. Produces Potion of Wind.


Before you can craft any potions, you have to have the recipe for it. You can get them by purchasing them from Bolo, from monsters, or by buying them from other players. Once you have the recipe, right click it in your inventory to put it into your craft list. Then press the O key while in game to see this menu. You'll need the correct materials to be able to craft anything though, of course. For Cooking, you will probably need some type of Furnace. You may buy these from Jimm - Tool Merchant, the small, weird looking, child.. thing... He is located right next to Bolo in Pokari City.


Furnaces are one of the items you may need to be able to craft potions. Make sure you buy the correct one. They can be bought at Jimm - Tool Merchant.

NoviceFurnace.JPG Novice Furnace - Costs 89 Bronze.

ApprenticeFurnace.JPG Apprentice Furnace - Costs 1 Silver 69 Bronze.

GathererFurnace.JPG Gatherer Furnace - Costs 3 Silver 23 Bronze.

WorkerFurnace.JPG Worker Furnace - Costs 5 Silver 35 Bronze.

ExpertFurnace.JPG Expert Furnace - Costs 7 Silver 92 Bronze.

MasterFurnace.JPG Master Furnace - Costs 9 Silver 93 Bronze.

MavenFurnace.JPG Maven Furnace - Costs 12 Silver.

Is Cooking Useful?

If you use a lot of MP like I do, I would say yes. It might save you a bit of money/treasure. As your Cooking skill level gets higher you can craft better potions than the ones you buy from NPCs. Plus you can make a lot of other useful types of potions as well, such as ones that add temporary buffs or that heal both your HP and MP. In my opinion, Cooking is a very useful vocation to have, although it's also nice to be able to craft armor and weapons for yourself and others, or to make your own Pet Food or Bells. Remember, you can only have 2 vocations at any time, so choose carefully~ (Though you can always forget vocations too.)


You can get a title after you get your Cooking to level 4. The title for Cooking adds + 5 to an Affinity that you choose as long as you have it on. Also the title is orange and looks like <Expert - Cooking - Pyra>, for example. You can choose which affinity you want though.

Forgetting a Vocation

Any vocation can be forgotten at any time. However, doing so will reset all your exp you learned before as well as delete all recipes so I do not advise doing this. Unless you absolutely want to or something.

This is a picture of the craft menu, which is accessible by pressing the O key, as mentioned earlier. When the skill you want to forget is highlighted like in the picture, the Forget button in the top left corner becomes clickable. This is how you forget the vocation.